7 sin, Apple, Earth

Setup the “7 Sin” is a common custom in Nowruz. Iranian people set 7 items all starting with the ‘S’ in Persian language. For example Sumac (Persian: somagh), Apple (Persian: Sib) and etc.

7 Sin

7 Sin

But there is an interesting item, Apple (Persian: Sib).

Apple is a symbol of “Espand” and “Espand” is an angel that keeps the earth (according to the ancient Persian thought). It’s interesting that a spherical fruit became the symbol of espand. Morever into the “7 Sin” Iranians keep the apple in water.

Because of these evidence, some researchers believe that Persians knew the earth is sphere and it’s suspension in to the space from thousands years ago.


از دوستان پارسی زبان خواهش می کنم که اگر اشکالات نگارشی و املایی در متن انگلیسی وجود دارد به ما اطلاع بدهند. با سپاس


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