Oldest Animation And Dice of the World Found In Burnt City – Burnt City part 3 – last

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In the past few years archaeologists have discovered a number of important and unique artifacts including a 10-centimeter ruler with an accuracy of half a millimeter in the ruins of the ancient city. They have also unearthed an earthenware bowl at the Burnt City which bears images of what experts believe is the world’s oldest “animated” picture drawn around it, as well as the oldest dice in the world.

A total of 52 skeletons were discovered by a joint Italian Iranian archaeological team in the 5200-year-old Burnt City.

Twelve of the skeletons belong to children and a skeleton of a newborn is among the discoveries. A large number of the graves excavated during previous seasons belong to children. Infectious diseases are the main reason for the large number of children. Three women and four men who died sometime between the ages of 45 and 60 are among the skeletons.

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Paleopathological studies on 40 teeth unearthed in the Burnt City’s cemetery show that the inhabitants of the city used their teeth as a tool for weaving to make baskets and other handmade products. More than 40 teeth lesions have been identified, the most prominent of which belongs to a young woman who used her teeth as a tool for weaving baskets and similar products. The use of teeth as a tool in the Burnt City is seen in both males and females of different age groups. Evidence shows that weaving was more than a hobby in the prehistoric city. It was one of the most common professions in the city which required a special skill. Residents made a variety of woven products such as carpets, baskets, a

nd other household items.

The excavations at the Burnt City also suggest that the inhabitants were a race of civilized people who were both farmers and craftsmen.

A skull suggests they may have done brain surgery, which may help prove that the Egyptians were not the first brain surgeons.

The necropolis of the Burnt City has yielded more than 600 skeletal remains in more than 108 graves, including family graves. Some were buried lying down or on their sides; others were squatting.

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Oldest Animation of the World Found In Burnt City

During their excavations in Burnt City in 1983, Italian archaeologists found a 5000- year-old goblet in a grave with the design of a wild goat and a tree. Further studies by archaeologists on this goblet revealed that there is a unique characteristic about this discovered goblet. What has made this one distinguished compared to the other ones unearthed so far is that the painting on this goblet has been repeated in a meaningful manner which shows the movements of a wild goat towards a bush during different positions. The artist who created this design used the goblet as his canvass to show the movements of the wild goat towards the tree for feeding itself in 5 movements.

Burnt City Boz details

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