Hottest spot in the world

Here is Kalut legendary city. The city its territory is black in color. The city is the closest point on earth to the moon. The city that no living being cannot live in it even bacteria. Here is the hottest spot on Earth. The air temperature in the shade is approximately 70 degrees Celsius. Here is Kalut city, the hottest spot on earth in the heart of Shahdad. The Kalut area from a distance looks like ruins of a large urban that it has been described by many words as the fictitious town or Lut city.

Gandom Beryanak

The world’s tallest sand pyramid is in the Lut. Tallest pyramid of sand known outside the region in the world maximum of 300 meters high (Libya), But in the Lut height some of the pyramids reaches 480 meters. Here are marshes made ​​of sand that have tens of meters deep. Indigenous people the “Daqe” say. Happened many times that a camel mired in the “Daqhe”; and Cameleer has to kill the animal to prevent him from more suffering.

Here plains of basaltic lava appear pitted, like grilled wheat; and why is another name for the area, Gandom beryan (in Persian it means grilled wheat.).

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