Love and kindness from thousands of years ago in Iran

Love and kindness have ancient root in Iranians. From thousands of years ago, many antiquities and items have been obtained in Iran that show kindness. Here I mention some of them, although there are more like these.


Ancient Lovers, Old kiss

Two lovers that kiss each other – claiming that it is a 6000 years old kiss of two lovers found in Hasanlu, an archaeological excavation site in Iran.

A list of important events in the website of the University of Pennsylvania mentions that the University Museum has exhibited these ‘Hasanlu Lovers’ skeletons in 1974.

The University Museum exhibits the “Hasanlu Lovers,” a pair of entwined skeletons who died together in about 8oo B.C. (hoaxorfact)


Brotherhood in Persepolis

Persepolis (founded in 518 BC) is situated in the Fars Province in Iran and it’s possible was a place to celebrate Nowruz, Mehregan and etc. It’s interesting that Persepolis Engravings show respects and kindness and show us the brotherhood of that time.


Offering flower

There are some romance stories from Sasanid period and one of the reliefs from that period, showing a man offering a lotus flower to a lady. Really this is a romantic scene.


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