Most similar point on earth to the moon

Arizona or Gandom Beryan

The “ Gandom beryan “ in the Lut Desert in the East River and Birjand is located 80 kilometers Shahdad, Volcanic area is covered with black volcanic rocks that cover the same intense heat rising in the region. This region is the lowest of the Iranian interior region and this is another reason for the intense heat. Plain “Gandom beryan” that is an area of 200 km and 150 km wide No living thing is not life and environmental conditions in such a way that there is no plant or animal. Even the carcasses of dead animals and, abandoned in a wheat grill, and not decomposed by heat sun dried heat but just are. It is also possible in this area even bacteria will not survive.

دشت لوت

Wheat is very beautiful, natural phenomena including near the grill is Kaluts Lut desert. Kalut corridors these fields are parallel to the severe rain and wind has been created over time, this strange and spectacular point of the Plains “Loot”, which alone is considered a tourist to the region and province, Iran had been dubbed the moon.

Earlier, the hottest spot on Earth “Death Valley” America Arizona desert with 63 degree temperatures were recorded But doctor, “Parviz Kardavani” desert scholar and founder of the famous desert and desert research center, Tehran University, has proved Wheat that Beryan Lut desert with temperatures over 67 degrees Celsius in the shade, earth is the warmest spot.

In next post I will say how and when you can go there. So please follow us.

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