Yalda is closed

Yalda Night is one of the great celebrations of ancient Persia that is still celebrated. This night refers at sunset in Persian calendar (date) on Azar 30th, last day of autumn (21st of December) until sunrise on Dey 1st, first day of winter (22nd of December). Iranians and many other nations celebrate it. This night is also very important from a scientific point. Because it is the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere of the earth.

Yalda word means procreation, date of birth and birth. Ancient Iranians believed that the day after Yalda Night with sun blowing, divine light radiation is increasing. So fruits like pomegranate and watermelon are the symbol of this night. Because with red color and shape of circle are representatives of sun. However, different interpretations are expressed about Yalda Night. Many stories and legends about this night have been quoted that reflect birth of love.

It is said that in Ancient Persia day after this night was an opportunity for human equality. All including king wore a simple dress to seem the same and no one has the right to give orders to the other and the works were done voluntarily rather than the and order.

Many researchers believe Yalda had great influence on the culture of other nations, including ancient Rome and thereupon on Christian religion. So that existence of Christmas on the date that nowadays we celebrate is impressed with Yalda Night. But on the subject much debate been done and is said to be conflicting opinions.

Fortunately, this night is celebrated in Iran nowadays too and this night is an opportunity for families to gather and being happy together. Our compatriots in the different place of homeland celebrate and benefit of this night celebration with their own traditions.

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