Hitler’s symbol or Carousel affection


After 70 years, know this sign better


How do you know this sign?

We must admit that today this signs that known as the “swastika” is the symbol for Racists. Even these days it has become a symbol for Satanist. But it seems these impressions are wrong.

In book “Ancestry and religions of ancient Iranians”*  writer says:

The signs that is called swastika, in fact is not a broken cross and in the Christianity it is not regarded to respect. Cross dimensions are also not the same and only two lines are equal and most looks like a human body, where opens hands.

Sometimes this sign due to Hitler’s Nazi Party used and it was on the arms of party’s members and SS soldiers, because the Nazis had begun a hard and irreconcilable battle with Jews, it has been called anti-Semitic. It must be understood that this naming is not correct too and it is a misplaced phrase. Being anti-Semitic for this symbol was began that the overall recognition about this symbol with the fame of contention and fight with Jews was provided together. And thus the minds of people made and interpreted this name.


This sign is also known as Aryan symbol. However, in many civilizations such this indication has been found. Although it has thousands of years history in Iran and India, but this sign is seen all over the world including Africa, Asia (both East Asia and West Asia) and Europe. Even, other symbol that they are similar to this sign in areas of Iran and India found that had more past.

Nazis, during they were powerful, prejudice and racial superiority regarded philosophy. Their advertising and training dedicated to this work and they gave symbolic value of their being Aryans to this sign. But it does not seem that the approach to this sign in very ancient time has appropriateness with the Nazis approach!

Herzfeld had effects to finding and nomenclature of the sign. Although this sign is discussed with a name like “Swastika”, “cross” and etc. Some one knows this sign a symbol of happiness and good fortune and others have called it a symbol of the four elements. Associated this sign with Mithra religion is one of other cases that is expressed.

But it seems that these signs should be limited to a nation or a faith and religion; because its effects are seen in all civilizations. The challenge that arises is that this sign almost simultaneously is seen in different parts of world. Especially when we know it was ancient world. And the question is: how???? These cases have caused some people to know it related with extraterrestrial beings.

This sign, which seems to have seven thousand years of history in Iran, had a wonderful durability in Iranian civilization. The findings works show that this symbol was took attention of Iranians not only in a special period of time. From before Zoroastrian until after Islamic era, this symbol can be seen in the works; it is viewed with respect. In this article we check the sign in Iranian civilization.

See the images have been obtained from ancient artifacts:

It appears that the oldest archaeological remains found in Iran, which has the figure of this sign related to Khouzestan province. But this sign has been in the works everywhere of Iran.

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A gold necklace with Carousel affection have been found in Gilan province

Iranian necklace has been found in Gilan province and has a history of about one thousand years before Christ and is held in the National Museum of Iran.







Fabric from Parhian Empire during


In Germy Moghan in Azerbaijan crock graves obtained from the Parthian Empire period, among them found a beautiful fabric that you see in the image below.



Outstanding a figure of Carousel affection sign on a pottery

Piece of a crock pottery related to Parthian period in 1344 Persian calendar (1965) in Germy is obtained that on it is seen a beautiful and outstanding a figure of this sign. The pottery was made ultimately of strength and beauty and is held in the Museum of Ancient Iran.




Carousel affection can been see on lion’s thigh

Lion on gold cup has been found in Kelardasht, the figure of Carousel affection can be seen on lion’s thigh. Lion is a magnificent animal between Iranians.

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Carousel affection can been see on lion’s thigh


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Hasanlou hill’s bowl

Gold beautiful bowl has been found on Mordad (or Amordad) in 1337 in Persian Calendar – 1958 on August – in searches of Hasanlou hill that is located in the Southwest of Oroumieh lake, of each view is remarkable. On the bowl a lot of figures can be seen. One of them is a figure of lion and lion guard. The man who is lion guard took reins over lion and on the back of the mighty animal put a decorative object; that closed with a belt. That it is a sign of man’s domination over animals and their efficiency. And or maybe they had subdued lion and mounted on the animal. Here Carousel affection on lion’s thigh can be seen too.

A piece of Parthian Empire during necklace

A beautiful agate necklace with small and big beads related to Parthian Empire era was obtained in archeology searches in 1345 in Persian calendar (1966) in Jouben in Gilan province. On the beads of this necklace can be seen the figure of Carousel affection in white that has seen ultimately of beauty and masterful with regular geometric shape.

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Ceramic utensil from Damghaan

A leggy ceramic utensil have been found in searches of 1310 year in Persian calendar (1931) around Tapeh Hesar of Damghaan city that related to 5000 years before Christ. Figure of an antelope (symbol of nature’s benefits) on this container can be seen and in the curvature of its antler a mark that similar to sun, star or the Carousel affection is seen.

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