Celebration Of Lotus

Happy Celebration Of Lotus


27th June (6th Tir in Persian calendar) was Celebration of lotus in Ancient Iran (Persia). Lotus flowers had special significance in Ancient Iran and they represent purity because even though they grow from the mud they are clean.

Lotus also can be a symbol of perfection because the day of Lotus celebration is in Khordad day (The name of all 6th days of months in Persian calendar is Khordad) and Khordad means perfection.

Flowers have great place in Iranian Culture.


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One must wash eyes


One must wash eyes, look differently to things words must be washed
The word must be wind itself, the word must be the rain itself
One must shut umbrellas
One must walk in the rain
One must carry the thought, the recollection in the rain
One must go walk in the rain with all the townsfolk
One must see friends in the rain
One must search love in the rain

(Sohrab Sepehri)

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Each breath is a song of love
From left and right, pass us by
We’ll return to the world above
Such fate no-one can defy.

We have come from the skies
Befriended angels in heaven
To the same place we will rise
To that city past skies seven.

We are above the skies
And angels we transcend
Why should we compromise?
The House of Songs is our end.

Molana (Rumi) Persian poet and Hakim


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