Espandegan, A day to Show the love


In Persian culture, Ladies have great place. In ancient Persia there was special day for women. In this day men gave gifts to women. “Espandegan” was the name of this day and also this day known as a celebration in Persia(Iran).

About This celebration, Biruni (Persian scholar) writes:

On the 5th day or Espandarmath-Roz (day of Espand), there is a feast on account of the identity of the names of the month and the day. Espandarmath is charged with the care of the earth and with that the good, chaste, and beneficient wife who loves her husband. In the past times, this was a special feast of the women, when the men used to make them liberal presents. This custom is still flourishing in Ispahan, Ray, and in other districts of Fahla. In Persian it is called Mozdgiran[Mojdgiran])